Brazilian footwear

Brazil rivals any of the world's fashion capitals, and is known for its creativity, passion and energy. The country is the world's fourth biggest footwear producer, with a long-standing reputation for producing fine quality shoes.

We stand for Quality

Your feet equal our responsibility, so only the finest materials and designs are good enough for us. Yes, we’re commercially focused but we also believe that no one should have to put up with badly made, overly expensive or unethically produced shoes.

We stand for Standards

We expect high standards from our suppliers for first-class products. In turn, we aim to deliver high standards – with one another and to our customers. We never stop trying to reach even greater heights of success – but only if we can achieve them honestly and fairly.

We stand for Integrity

We love our planet and we look after our stakeholders. We only work with brands that share our vision, ethical business approach and responsibility to employees and the environment. We also seek out innovative ideas to help our brands flourish further.

What people say

We have been very impressed by the way that Ghetz have been launched and promoted into the British market over the last few years. The company supports the independent sector with their honorable trading ethos and their support of IFRA. Their product is highly recommended.

Arthur Spencer-Bolland
Secretary, Independent Footwear Retailers Association

The seriousness and commitment of the Ghetz entrepreneurs made all of us at Abicalçados certain that the company would achieve great success. They have followed a path of strong growth, investing in strategies that can leverage Brazilian brands worldwide. We feel very proud to be able to count on partners of this ranking.

Heitor Klein
Executive Director/Abicalçados

The Society of Shoe Fitters are delighted and proud to have Ghetz as an Associate Member. Our organization is made up of professionals who like to work with companies who create good quality footwear and the brand Anatomic Gel ticks all the boxes.

Laura West
Secretary, The Society of Shoe Fitters

We are pleased to have the Ghetz Ltd as a BFA member. Their UK management team lead by Joao Conrado, have shown a consistently high level of professionalism and they have shown an ongoing focus in providing great customer service to both their independent and multiple footwear retail customers. Their product have become recognised for high quality materials and an innovative level of comfort.

John Saunders
Chief Executive British Footwear Association.

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